Weekaway Escape

$4,490 per couple

The Aloha massage week long escape is the “coup de grace” for relationship renewal and extension of receiving pure pleasure. Delicious meals and exclusive accomodation provided. You will be learning advanced techniques of the Aloha Style of nurturing so well it becomes more than a treat for each other, as a true gift of love for your partner.



Escape to our private location with ocean views to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, only a short walk to a nearly deserted beach, set beside a national park. You will have the opportunity to refresh and incorporate all that you previously learned on the Aloha Massage Weekend. Then more importantly add much more to this treatment of nurturing and loving one another. You will discover how to expand your Aloha Massage to encompass the whole body for a fuller experience. This will create a deeper intimacy by the connection of giving and receiving to each other with the repetition of these soothing and nurturing moves.

Again both of you will receive personal coaching from the teachers to assist you in developing the most loving experience in giving Aloha Massage. By continual practice and growing more skilful, which will naturally come with guidance and coaching from John and S’raya, the master teachers, you and your partner will develop your massage skills and connection with one another. By gaining and being present with each other you can give in a deeper and more meaningful way. You will feel the bliss, satisfaction, and pleasure of receiving a full body Aloha Massage.

From the flowing movements of this Aloha style you can have the experience that it is like waves are washing over you. Embodying all of the Aloha Massage style you can move forward in your relationship taking it to a higher and more progressive level.

Discover all of this by coming for a week-long (five and a half days) Escape into enhancing and raising the intimacy level you share together. From participating and sharing with each other you will get what is rare for couples: the ability to relax into receiving by being pampered. Giving from the love in your heart, to their very soul.

Price includes delicious meals and great accomodation. Reserve your place with a deposit, and pay in full by 2 weeks prior to the date.

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Exclusive & private accomodataion near Byron Bay


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