Campaway Escape

$2,700 per couple

Come aloha massaging and glamour camping right beside the beach for a long weekend. Have fun discovering Aloha style massage with your partner. Luxury tents complete with bedding & delicious meals provided. Connect with each other and nature.



Escape the daily grind and have a long weekend while enjoying massages, swims, walks and incredible food.

We provide luxurious glamour camping tents, complete with bedding & decor, as well as delicious healthy food prepared by our executive chef. Everything is taken care of.

Right by the beach, we invite you to connect with nature & your partner on this campaway escape.

In this magical setting you will learn the fun and easy Aloha style massage. With hands on coaching and taking turns to practice on your partner, you will develop a skill that you can take home with you to keep you relaxed and connected to one another.

Build and strengthen your relationship with each other and nature on this grounding campaway escape.